Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yes. This is an American Apparel post. I'm not posting this because I work for the company, but I honestly do love our clothes!

Here are some new items I can't wait to get my discount on:

disco shorts. she's our cutest model yet. srsly.

fringe? low back? YES PLEASE.

this is a MUST HAVE.

i need this too. just because its a jumper, low back, one-piece. & tie-dye is a PLUS.

zips all the way down? must.

yes. I need my shorts to zip up too.

i want the bed sheets too -____-

i think it's fucking cute.

god damn why don't we sell that mesh button down yet?! i need it. thanks.



  1. Fringe/low back thing.. we got it in. not that cute. it comes in ONE SIZE... so it's basically the big tee with fringe on it. it's a box. maybe with a belt it would work...

    i want the one shoulder dress!

  2. ohhhhhh i want to see it on me first then i can decide! hahah. plus we can always hem it!

  3. i'm sure you've noticed, a lot of target and urban outfitters apparel are now beginnging to resemble AA.

  4. I want discounts too gosh dranit!

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